Mane Event! Fight Week for the Cuzzins! - Just Cuz Ep 23

Finally we're back! Finishing out what's been a crazy few months of training camps. Lucky enough to get together in person and share some of the fight week feels for each of the boys. Thanks for being patient! Here's to victory!

Still no chip?! Just Cuz Special - On Site Ep 22

It's been a minute since the boys have gotten together so they planned a special one! On site from the office/gameroom/mancave of Vince's upstairs we have a podcast! Cheers Cuzzins, thanks for the wait!

Did Vince do the One Chip?! + UFC Fight Night Recap and Preview - Just Cuz Ep 21

Recapping and Previewing the UFC Fight Nights and nonsense ft vampires, death chips, mcgregor etc. Cheers Cuzzins

UFC 284 Recap + One Chip Aftermath & and Commentary Experience - Just Cuz Ep 20

Some Technical issues with Vince's camera unfortunately left us with some ugly blur. So I know it'll be difficult but you might be better off putting most of the visual focus on Rickys mug. Maybe this is a sign to start putting out audio versions of the pod aswell...hmmm. Anyways. Cheers! Fan questions below!

The nose! + Fan Q&A and UFC283 Recap - Just Cuz Ep 19

The battleshots on Rickys end keep adding up lol some fan Q&A and recapping the PPV card this last weekend. Also what music is everyone listening to? We talk some of what our playlist are looking like. Also open to adding some good stuff

The Release?! We got scraps! & UFC 283 picks - Just Cuz Episode 18

Getting into some real stuff with the release of Vince from the UFC. Plans for the future of both cuzzins and a couple fight announcements!

It's Been Awhile! Holidays Catch Up + MMA News - Episode 17

What's up Cuzzins! We're finally back. Between busy holidays and catching the sick bug it's been a minute but finally we're back. See what we been up and catch up on some of the big sad news thats hit the mma world as of late. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming slap league! It's good to be back, cheers!

UFC Orlando's Greatness, The Return of Battleshots + Fight Life - Just Cuz Ep 16

A good one talking about last weeks exciting card and this weeks PPV. share laughs and rejoice in the return of battleshots!

Back At It w/ Papa Rick & insight on Vince's fight - Just Cuz Ep 15

The boys talk some of the rough stuff from Vince's fight on the 19th. Judging criteria. Life as a new dad and much more. Tune in! Leave a Question below. Cheers Cuzzins.

UFC 281 Preview, Weekend recap and almost fight week for Vince!

Some crazy controversy going on in the mma world! The boys catch up and talk recap the weekends crazy good card and highlight the big moments. Also preview the giant MSG card this weekend. Almost fight week for Vince!

Ricky Calls Out Vince's Big Mouth, Subscriber Giveaway + Recovery Tactics

Vince's severe foot in mouth syndrome gets put on blast. The boys talk recovery tactics, last minute changes and giveaway winners! Each winner will be a sent a signed glove along with signed photos from the cuzzins. A bunch of other stuff too so tune in and give some feedback. Cheers Cuzzins

Subscriber Giveaway!! Big thank you to everyone supporting!

We hit our first milestone for the pod and want to give back! Check out the video for details on how to get entered into the giveaway! Thanks everyone! We also talk UFC 280 and the big moves in the division. Swap some more manly stories. Cheers Cuzzins!

Watching VR Fights? UFC fighters can no longer bet + UFC 280

We Back! Talking a weekend of some mma craziness and what lies ahead at UFC 280! Swap some manly stories, and in the morning? Making waffles.

Training Camp, UFC Vegas 62 + Music of the week

The boys catch up on all the nonsense. potential future for dadbod Ricky Simon, and share some of the music that's currently on their playlist. Whats you favorite music for the moment??

We got ourselves a scrap! + Catching Up

Talking Vince's Nov 19th official fight! Catching up on Saenchai seminar and recent trip to Texas for Peak FC. Hit a bit of technical difficulties and so this one is a bit short but we'll be back full force next week. Cheers!

Who's got a fight?!?

The boys chop it up on the recent fight card and battle shots. Talk a bit about getting bullied from OG fighters. And a phone call that might mean someone's got something in the works!

UFC 279 ended up BETTER? + our battleshot shots UFC Vegas 60

The cuzzins recap some of the madness from UFC 279. Traincation to Hawaii and a watch party weekend. Sorry for the wait! But they're back

30 for 30 Birthday Episode!

Ricky officially becomes a man! Walks us through his run....in with his mid life crisis lol the boys also share some insight on fighters fighting teammates, mental release and much more. Cheers cuzzins!

Pulled over for what?? And New! Also Vince dominating last weeks battleshots


Craziness of UFC San Diego + Addressing potential future fights and trash talk

See what the boys think of the battle between opposing teammates. UFC 278 PPV 4 battleshots on deck! Prelim Prospect Pick and fan questions. Thanks for the support everybody!

Battleshots for UFC Vegas59, Upcoming trip UFC San Diego

The boys talk UFC San Diego where a opposing teammates battle it out. Fight Life and catching up.

Weekend Shenanigans, Battleshots picks, and answering Fan Questions

Ricky makes wild claim he can drink more than Vince. Vince battles back with solving rubiks cubes and dealing with spice like a man. The boys Anty up on their battle shots. Talk fight picks and go over their weekends.

Recapping UFC London, BattleShots, and UFC 277 Predictions

Ricky beats Vince 3-0 in battleshots. 3 Shots of tequila and bunch of laughs the Cuzzins talk shop regarding the fights in london and the upcoming fights in Dallas

Just Cuz We Back! EP 24

We're back and better than ever! Catching up, talking fights, talking future. The works. Lets go!

Leg Kick Meta? UFC Vegas 81 recap & UFC 294 gets exciting on short notice - Just Cuz Podcast EP 25

Something crazy going on at Factory X in the mma world. Upcoming fight camp plans and a potential new vlog. Whats up guys! Hit us with some fan questions for the next one that we record in person. Anything and everything, doesn't have to be mma related. Is there anything you want to know about us? Keep up on all the socials for the latest news and details. Make sure to follow the podcast IG page Just Cuz Podcast w/ Ricky Simon & Vince Morales - YouTube https://www.instagram.com/just.cuz.podcast/ Ricky https://www.instagram.com/rickysimonufc https://twitter.com/RickySimonUFC https://www.tiktok.com/@rickysimonufc https://www.rickysimonufc.com] Vince https://www.instagram.com/vandetta135 https://twitter.com/vandetta135 https://www.tiktok.com/@vandetta135 https://www.vandetta.com What type of content do you want to see? Specific Questions for the guys? Ask it all in the comment section! #Podcast #UFC #MMA #JustCuz #FightLife #Cousins #Youtube




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